Moveable Feasts is based in Manchester, UK and my standard delivery area for home-cooked food to order is within these Royal Mail postcode areas: M21, M32, M33, M16, M15, M20 and Manchester city centre.


* If you are ordering food to take with you on a trip that you have booked through ManchesterCamperHire, then your food will be delivered to Arch 77 North Western Street, Manchester M12 6DY in time for your appointment to collect your campervan. Please note that a minimum order amount of £50.00 applies)

*If you have one of my delivery vouchers with a group reference number on it, your food orders can be delivered for free for you to collect when you attend your regular slimming club session - subject to a minimum collective order of £30.00 (amongst a group of customers at the same session).


Alternatively deliveries can be made to your home address, within my standard delivery area, subject to a minimum individual order of £30.00. The date & time of home delivery will be agreed with you when you place your order. 

If you would like a delivery that does not meet these criteria, please get in touch! I would love to deliver to you but there may be a small delivery charge.

I can consider orders for provision of Private Catering services (for your one-off bespoke event) from anywhere in Greater Manchester or within reasonable travelling distance of Chorlton (M21). Delivery charges may be applied, depending on distance and any special requirements such as early morning delivery - we will discuss this before confirming your order. 


How to Order

You can place your order for Home-cooked Meals to Order from the website menu by sending a message through the online contact form, or by completing a paper order form at your regular slimming club session.

*Please note that at least 48 hours notice is usually required for delivery (7 days' notice is required for ManchesterCamperhire orders) as I cook your food to order. If you have placed a very large order, or if there are other special circumstances, I will contact you to agree a suitable delivery date. Please ask if you would like to set up a regular order!


If you want to discuss an order for Private Catering, please get in touch to let me know what you have in mind. We will devise a menu together based on the occasion, the number of guests, venue, and any particular requests you have. You are not committed to anything until we have agreed this



All delivery food orders must be paid for in full within 24 hours of delivery unless we have made other arrangements in advance. You can pay by cash on delivery, or by internet banking - the details will be on your invoice. 


All charges for Private Catering will be agreed in advance of the event. Once we have agreed your requirements and you have approved the menu, you will be sent an invoice and asked to pay a deposit of 20% of the total. 

If you cancel your order with at least 7 days' notice before the event, you will not have to pay the balance, but the deposit will not be returned.

If you cancel your order with less than 7 days' notice, the full balance will still be due. This is because by that time I will have incurred costs in preparing your order, which I hope you will understand.

Payment of the balance of the order is due within 24 hours of the date of delivery and can be made by cash or online bank transfer. You will find details on your invoice.


More about Moveable Feasts Home-Cooked Meals to Order

All my food is made from high quality fresh ingredients, but the finished products may then be frozen so that they remain in perfect condition until they reach you. Your order will be delivered to you frozen and ready to reheat in a microwave or conventional oven as you need it. I do not deliver food ready-heated, as you may not want it to be eaten immediately.


*Orders for ManchesterCamperHire customers will be delivered either frozen or chilled in order to keep in good condition for the duration of your trip

Moveable Feasts is very aware that the food industry creates a huge amount of harmful waste - e.g. single-use plastic packaging. I try to do my little bit to reduce this where I can. Wherever possible I supply my food in eco-friendly containers which are suitable for use in both microwave and conventional ovens, and are completely compostable. I source these from UK-based companies (my favourite is Vegware) which provide local jobs and reduce transport miles. This packaging doesn't release harmful chemicals into the environment when it is manufactured or when it breaks down. 

When you have finished with your food containers, I would love it if you could dispose of them in your green Manchester City Council wheelie bin with your other biodegradable waste!

I do my best to identify allergens in my food and you are welcome to ask about the ingredients of any dish at any time. I also make all reasonable efforts to keep dishes containing nuts, dairy and gluten separate from other foods while they are being prepared. However, people with very severe sensitivities should take into account that all my food is made in the same kitchen and it is therefore not possible to guarantee that any item is absolutely free of all traces of allergens.

In particular, where a dish is described as containing no gluten, this means that to the best of my knowledge it has been made without ingredients that contain gluten and has not come into contact with ingredients that contain gluten - but it will not have been officially tested to the government standards defining ‘gluten-free’ foods, as these require factory conditions. Please get in touch if you, or any of your guests, have food allergies  - or any religious/cultural dietary requirements - so that I can devise a menu that meets your needs.

What I mean by ‘healthy’ or ‘low fat’ dishes. 


My aim is to make delicious ‘real’ food using good quality ordinary ingredients. My food is cooked by hand in a domestic kitchen, not a laboratory or factory, so it is not possible to provide a scientific breakdown of the exact calories or nutrient content of each dish.

I also cannot promise that eating my food will make you ‘healthy’ or reduce your weight.

All I can do is offer an honest description of the dishes so that you can make your own choices and I am always happy to chat to you if you have any queries. 


The dishes that I describe as healthy or low fat on my website menu are prepared and cooked according to these general principles:

  1. Unless specified otherwise, I use very lean meat, typically containing less than 5% fat.

  2. Unless specified otherwise, I use zero or very low fat dairy products such as yoghurt, fromage frais, cottage cheese and quark. 

  3. I aim for my all-in-one balanced meal dishes to include approximately one-third vegetables. 

  4. For frying and roasting I use oil sprays wherever possible to limit the amount of fat in a dish. 

  5. I prefer to use oils that are high in mono-unsaturates (e.g. olive or rapeseed) and avoid too much saturated fat, although I may occasionally use small amounts of e.g. butter or coconut oil where the taste of a dish requires this. 

  6. I keep the use of refined sugar to a minimum and use fruit or sucralose-based sweeteners as an alternative wherever possible.

  7. I do use salt to season my dishes, but in moderation. I use herbs, spices, citrus zest and juice, mustard and vinegar to enhance flavours. 

  8. I use grain flours in moderation and specify where these contain gluten.

  9. I use whole-grain cereals wherever possible, e.g. wholewheat pasta, cous cous or bulgur wheat, and specify where these contain gluten.  

  10. I use tasty but high-calorie ingredients such as olives, cheese, avocados, nuts or dried fruit, in moderation and make it clear when I use these in dishes

  11. When I describe a dish as ‘vegetarian’ it will include no meat or animal products derived from slaughter. When I describe a dish as ‘vegan’ it will contain no products of animal origin at all. 

  12. If you tell me about a food allergy or cultural requirement (e.g. Halal/Kosher) at the time we accept an order, I promise to take every care to make sure your food meets your requirements.






Terms and Conditions

This is the 'small print' about how I work.

I like to keep it simple and straightforward.

If you have a query that isn't covered here,

please don't hesitate to get in touch.​


I love feedback! If you enjoyed your food, i would be very chuffed if you could mention it on Facebook or just drop me a message here to let us know. As a small business I can't afford a lot of advertising so I rely on satisfied customers passing the word on. Please also let me know if you would like me to add your favourite dishes to my menu. Thank you!


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If you are not satisfied

I want you to be happy with what you have ordered.

If you are not satisfied with my service or my food in any way, please let me know straightaway.

I would prefer to try and put things right for you than to have your occasion spoiled. 

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