Dinner Parties


Treat yourself, or spoil someone else with a hassle-free celebration.


A dinner party at home can be less expensive than taking people out to a restaurant, and much more personal.

You choose exactly what you'd like to eat and how you'd like the meal to go.

Do want to be formal or informal?

How many courses?

A break in the middle? 

Start off with drinks in the garden or finish with coffee around the fire - the choice is all yours.


​We will discuss your requirements and agree a menu with you that fits your budget.

Have a look at the examples of previous menus to inspire you. Dinners start at around £20 per person.


On the day, I will usually cook as much as possible in the Moveable Feasts home kitchen, then finish things off and serve the food

to you and your guests in your home. 


Party Buffets


A great buffet is the centrepiece of your party -  it gives your guests a focal point to gather round and you'll want it to be memorable. 

You can have lots of fun with different themes, and I can accommodate your guests' specific dietary requirements.


Take a look at the examples of previous menus, or just let your imagination run wild!

Buffets start from around £12 per person.




Maybe you want to party in a park, by a river or at a festival?


Picnic buffets are a great idea to take with you to an outdoor event, especially when there are going to be children in the group.

Spread out and relax, or pack it up and take it on your road trip.


Picnics start from £8 per person.

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