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Balanced meals in one delicious dish, delivered frozen in generous individual portions. Ready-to-eat snacks and hummus. Home-made seasonal preserves.

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Three Bean Chili
A completely vegan and low-fat chili made from three beans that complement each other in taste and texture, simmered long and slow with spices and veggies. Comforting, filling & nutritious.
£5 a tub (400ml)
Allergen advice: may contain celery
Tender potato, free-range egg, a little sautéd onion and a splosh of olive oil makes a tasty snack to enjoy with may and a chilled glass of sherry, or as a side dish to whatever you're having for dinner.
£5 each, approx. 20cm in diameter
Allergen information: contains egg
ButterNut Roasts
A twist on the vegan classic made from chopped peanuts, almonds & walnuts bound together by butternut squash, onions and gentle spices. Great with any combination of veggies or salad for a protein-packed meal.
£3.50 each (approx 220g)
Delicious filled pasties made with a lower-fat pastry wrapped around a variety of fillings e.g. spicy beef, Mediterranean vegetable, garlic mushroom & cheese, turkey with sage & cranberry - ask about what's currently available when ordering, or suggest something! Each empanada is the perfect for a snack or light meal - add salad, veg etc for a main meal.
Allergen advice: contains milk, egg, wheat flour.
Empanadas are £3.00 each or £10.00 for four.
The classic Greek vegetarian pie of spinach, red onion and feta cheese, flavoured with nutmeg and garlic and wrapped in light flaky filo pastry.
Allergen advice: contains milk, wheat flour
Whole pie (4-6 servings) £15.00. Quarter slice £5.00 each.
Golden Turmeric Hummus
Light and fresh, our own exclusive recipe is based on yellow split peas, fresh lemon and fresh organic turmeric, sweetened with caramelised onions. Our best-selling hummus!
£3.50 a tub (200ml)
Allergen advice: contains sesame (tahini)
Beetroot Hummus
Creamy fava bean hummus given vivid colour and an earthy-sweet flavour with beetroot and fresh dill. Full of antioxidants too!
£3.50 a tub (200ml)
Allergen advice: no major allergens
Fava Bean Hummus
British-grown fava beans blended into a creamy smooth hummus blended with tahini, garlic, lemon and warm Moroccan spices.
£3.50 a tub (200ml)
Allergen advice: contains sesame (tahini)
Salsa Romesco
An addictive dip/spread/sauce from Catalonia combining roasted red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, smoky paprika and ground almonds. Full of sunshiny flavour and goes with everything!
£3.50 a tub (200ml)
Allergen advice: contains almonds
A classic Greek dip made from strained yoghurt, cucumber, garlic & mint with a touch of vinegar and olive oil. Fantastic with pita bread or crudités
£3.50 a tub (200ml)
Allergen advice: contains milk
Home-made Pies
Everyone loves a pie! Do you like creamy chicken & mushroom, comforting steak & kidney, or maybe something spicy? Your choice of filling, wrapped up in all-butter pastry and made to order.
Allergen advice: will contain wheatflour, milk, possibly mustard, celery- please discuss when ordering if you have any special requirements.
Whole pies (serve 4-6) £16 each.
Chicken Cacciatore
A traditional Italian casserole of chicken thighs in a sauce of tomatoes, onions & carrots flavoured with rosemary, served with penne pasta.
Allergen advice: contains wheat flour
£6.00 per portion.
A Brazilian comfort-food favourite combining slow-cooked pork and veggies with tasty black beans, served over fluffy long-grain rice.
Allergen advice: contains celery.
£6.00 per portion.
Spinach & Cheese Cannelloni
Cannelloni tubes stuffed with a seasoned spinach & low fat cottage cheese filling, then smothered with a tomato sauce for a satisfying but healthy vegetarian meal.
Allergen advice: contains wheat flour, milk
£6.00 per portion
Sherry & Tarragon Chicken
Juicy chicken thighs slowly braised with whole shallots in a creamy sauce flavoured with sherry, sherry vinegar and tarragon. Served with green beans and roast potatoes.
Allergen advice: contains milk
£7.00 per portion
Beef Stroganoff
A traditional Russian dish of tender beef strips sautéed with onions, peppers and mushrooms in a paprika and sour cream sauce, on a bed of tagliatelle.
Allergen advice: contains milk
£6.00 per portion
Root Vegetable Crumble
Perfect for winter: a medley of colourful root vegetables in a mustardy cheese sauce, topped with a savoury crumble.
Allergen advice: contains wheat flour, milk, mustard, celery
£6.00 per portion.
Butternut and Cashew Curry
A creamy vegetarian North Indian-style curry of tender butternut squash, carrots and cashew nuts, in a coconut milk sauce with mild spices. Served with long grain rice.
Allergen advice: contains cashew nuts
£6.00 per portion
Mexican black bean lasagne
A vegetarian dish made with black beans in a spicy tomato, onion and courgette ragù layered with corn tortillas and topped with home-made béchamel sauce.
Allergen advice: contains milk, mustard, wheat flour.
£6.00 per portion.
Morrocan Chicken Tagine
Slow cooked chicken with apricots, almonds, fresh parsley and Morrocan spices, served on a bed of fluffy cous cous.
Allergen advice: contains almonds
£6.50 per portion.
Shepherd's Pie
A comforting British classic - rich lamb mince, tomatoes, peas and carrots under a coat of fluffy mashed potato.
Allergen advice: contains milk
£6.00 per portion
A classic Italian ragout of minced beef & pork in a rich tomato sauce, layered with lasagna pasta sheets & topped with creamy béchamel sauce.
Allergen advice: contains celery, milk, wheat flour
£6.00 a portion
Sausage, apple & chestnut casserole
Quality British pork sausages casseroled with potatoes, onions, apple and chestnuts in a thyme, honey and mustard gravy.
Allergen advice: contains mustard
£6.00 a portion
A traditional dish from Greece combining a minced lamb ragout flavoured with nutmeg, layers of grilled aubergine and topped with a creamy cheesy egg béchamel. Served with sautéed potatoes.
Allergen advice: contains milk, mustard, wheat flour
£6.00 per portion
Slow-braised Pork & Plums
Chinese-style pork braised long and slow with onions, peppers, broccoli, ripe plums, aromatic five-spice, star anise and a little chilli, served with long grain rice.
Allergen advice: contains sesame.
£6.00 per portion.
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Beetroot Hummus

Creamy fava bean hummus given vivid colour and an earthy-sweet flavour with beetroot and fresh dill. Full of antioxidants too! £3.50 a tub (200ml) Allergen advice: no major allergens